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Dual Diagnosis

Addiction and mental health problems should be treated side-by-side to achieve recovery success. NorthStar helps clients identify and manage many types of co-occurring disorders.

Denver Treatment for Dual Diagnoses

Located in Denver where urban life meets iconic mountain vistas, NorthStar Transitions rehab provides refuge for adults healing from the ravages of substance misuse. Empowering you to recover from addiction, we also provide the tools you need to rebuild your family, personal and professional life.

In some cases, drug and alcohol misuse masks a co-occurring mental condition—so the restorative effects of rehab can be short-lived. When underlying mood or personality disorders trigger relapse and waylay the recovery commitment, it’s essential to address the chemical dependency and co-occurring disorder together.

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Dual-Diagnosis Disorders

Addiction symptoms can mimic the early signs of mental health problems. Both conditions often arise during adolescence when teens are beginning to assert their independence and experiment with drugs and alcohol or other risky behaviors. At other times, older adults develop late-onset mood or personality disorders and use a chemical of choice to cope with symptoms or numb the pain of mental illness. When alcohol or drug use is identified, it catches the attention of clinicians, family and friends—so external behavioral causes may be overlooked. Unless a co-occurring disorder is treated alongside chemical dependency, relapse is imminent. Long-term recovery success requires simultaneous treatment of drugs and alcohol along with a dual diagnosis. NorthStar helps clients identify and manage these and other co-occurring disorders:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Mental illness
  • Panic disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • OCD
  • Mal-ordered eating

Licensed, On-Site Denver Staff

Clients admitted to NorthStar Transitions undergo a comprehensive evaluation to identify dual diagnoses that may contribute to addiction. Highly trained addiction professionals and our board-certified psychiatrist help to pinpoint and treat co-occurring disorders during the recovery process. Most of the time, NorthStar can manage prescriptions required for behavioral disorders while offering therapy for chemical dependency. If a diagnosis is outside the scope of NorthStar’s practice, we will refer the client to a regional specialist for treatment and case management.


Our Rocky Mountain Recovery Center

NorthStar Denver is a rehab and sober living community committed to helping clients pursue a sober, thriving lifestyle. Our Front Range campus offers access to Joint Commission-accredited addiction treatment, diverse educational opportunities, beautiful mountain surroundings and outdoor recreation. Dial (720) 477-6546 to begin your Colorado adventure or to schedule a free consultation with our team of clinicians and addiction specialists. To verify insurance coverage, click here.

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